Mission • Vision • Values

Below you will find some information about the mission and vision of Enduo Media, along with our company values. We are always looking for talented people to join our team.


To provide churches with the custom graphic resources they need to reach the people in their community.


To be the leading choice in church graphic design services through unmatched customer care and the highest quality graphics.

Company Values


Employees are honest and have strong moral principles. Our conduct should be an example of our faith in God and discipleship of Jesus Christ. Employees are positive and virtuous. We are truthful, straightforward, fair and sincere. There is no lying, cheating, or theft of any kind.


At Enduo Media we should each hold a modest view of our own importance. We put others first and value them more than ourselves. We understand that we are not the reason for success in the ministry of the church, only partakers in it. God will ultimately receive glory. We admit our shortcomings and seek to be better each day.


Enduo Media employees strive for excellence in everything we do. We serve our customers with a high level of care and skill and we seek to improve the quality and distinction of our work seizing every opportunity to become more versatile and proficient.


At Enduo Media we rely on open and honest dialogue. It is how we improve the service to our clients, build trust with one another, and produce better graphics. We are respectful and communicate with people in a sensitive and effective manner. We are comfortable asking for help and receiving constructive feedback.

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Paid Time Off/Vacation Time

Paid Sick Leave

Paid Maternity and
Paternity Leave

Paid Bereavement Leave

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Annual Raises

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

Computer & Office Equipment

Access to Several Resource Websites for your work
(Adobe Stock, FreePik, BLKMarket, FlatIcon, MidJourney, Creative Market, and much more!)

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